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(Bingo number pictures are on the bottom of this page)

How to play
Everyday(except days we are closed) 2 or 3 Bingo numbers will be called.
We try to have the picture posted on both the website and Facebook page around 12:00 noon.

1st Bingo  -  4 corners or 1 line
$20 Gift Certificate for the store

2nd Bingo - Roving "L"
$50 Gift Certificate for the store

3rd Bingo   -  Full Card
$100 Gift Certificate for the store

If you achieve a BINGO, you have until the we call the next set of numbers the following day.
YOU MUST call the store - 519-776-1100 to let us know that you have a BINGO
We will verify it with you and if it is a valid BINGO we will post on Facebook that we have a Bingo with your First name and Last Name initial and a picture of your card.
If more than one person Bingos on the same set of numbers than the prize will be split amongst the verified winners.

At anytime you can call the store for more information or if you are having nay trouble playing the game.
The numbers are all posted behind the Cash register on our BINGO board until we close the bingo off for the month!

Good Luck everyone!
Bingo Cards that have been called

Bingo has been called on one line from Saturday November 11th bingo numbers
congrats to Rachel G
We are now going for the ROVING "L"

Bingo has been called for the ROVING "L"
congrats to Diane L
 You have until Noon tomorrow to claim any other bingos on the L
Contact Info
  • Ph: (519) 776-1100
  • 2400 Highway #3 Oldcastle,
    Ontario Canada
    • Mon: 10am - 5pm
    • Tues: 10am -5pm
    • Wed - Fri: 10am - 5pm
    • Saturday: 10am - 4pm
    • Sunday: Closed
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